ICYMI: Drama Books! Grilled Pizza! L Train Epic!

Already confused about what’s happening in 2019? Read on for clarity!

Photo by Keith McDuffee via Wikimedia Commons

New year, same essential roundup of the culture and news you might have missed from the past week. The government could be nearing its record longest shutdown, but New York City is still up and running. Here are some stories that may have gotten lost in the shuffle of the busy news cycle:

No Trash Allowed

Disposable items like straws and single-use Styrofoam are falling out of favor. Now one grocery store in Bushwick is following suit by accepting only reusable containers: Precycle is BYO container, just in time for you to make one last New Year’s resolution.

Farsi Film

Move over, Los Angeles: New York is fast becoming the town of never-ending film festivals. Piling on in the best way possible, the IFC Center is hosting its first annual festival of Iranian cinema in NYC. While A Separation took the best foreign-language film Oscar a few years back, there is so much more out there for you to enjoy. Add this to your growing list of things to see this month.

A still from Hendi & Hormoz. / Photo courtesy of IFC

Grilled Cheese

New York pizza is good. It’s so good, in fact, that people are obsessed with finding the best possible slice (an impossible task!). But there’s one rare type of pie that has yet to make the list: grilled. The Rhode Island creation might sound sacrilegious (this once-upon-a-time Providence local would say so!), but beloved restaurant Emily is going to give it their best shot.

L-Pocalypse Now

While New Yorkers have been bracing themselves for the impending L train shutdown for years, Governor Cuomo threw a curveball last week by announcing the line might hobble onward. It turns out, however, that Cuomo broke the news before securing approval from the MTA (read: the exact group that would need to implement these changes!). Honestly, this dumpster fire of a news story has not been resolved yet, but it has started our year off on a confusing, dramatic note. Don’t hold your breath. Unless you are on the subway, which often smells lousy.

new york city culture news january 11
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Drama Queens

Long live print! We obviously love the format of a website, but there’s still a place in our hearts for books. Lucky for all of us, the Drama Book Shop is not going anywhere, thanks to the help of several theater lovers, including the sui generis Lin-Manuel Miranda. Owner Alan Lee Hubby, a person who makes this city special, will continue to bring printed joy to his patrons at a new location, which will be announced soon. Maybe even in time for next week’s edition of ICYMI!

drama book shop
Photo by Thea G/Yelp


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