ICYMI: The Chrysler Building! Sky Zone! “High Maintenance”!

The government may (still) be out of commission, but there’s a lot happening in the city!

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This latest week of January has been—well, let’s call it lively! The government shutdown carries on, the most popular thing on Instagram is an egg, and marijuana will likely be legal in New York soon. What kind of alternative universe did we warp into at the beginning of 2019?! Whiplash change aside, NYC is still providing refuge and fun—here’s proof in case you missed it:

Keys to the Chrysler

If you have a spare billion or two lying around, the Chrysler Building could be yours. New York’s beloved Art Deco addition to the skyline (consider it an honorary addition to our staff picks) is on the market for an undisclosed price. Maybe we could start a Kickstarter that beats out the campaign to make Kylie Jenner a billionaire (in the spirit of the aforementioned egg) and turn the high-rise into a co-op!

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Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Shut Down, Jump Up!

We are incredibly concerned about federal workers who have now gone a month without work due to the record longest government shutdown. This is only a small concession, but these workers and their families can jump at Sky Zone trampoline parks around the country for free. Similarly, the Brooklyn Academy of Music is offering them free tickets at its movie theater. If you’ve got time to spend but less money to burn, we also have a few suggestions for cheap eats.

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Photo courtesy of Sky Zone/Facebook

Cairo Classic

Egyptian fast-casual eatery Zooba is opening a location in Manhattan this summer. After raising $4 million, the North Africa–based Middle Eastern chain announced that its first U.S. location will be in Nolita. Consider this something to look forward to while we’re still weathering the winter!

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Photo courtesy of Zooba


Sporting every cuisine imaginable, New York still boasts some of the best classic steakhouses around. And even though one of those staples closed in 2004 after 128 years in business, Gage & Tollner may be getting a second chance on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. The landmarked building currently houses a discount clothing store, but its owners are excited that the recent growth in downtown Brooklyn has made it a covetable place to set up a restaurant yet again.

High Times Are Here Again!

Every New Yorker’s favorite Guy (not including Guy Smiley) returns this Sunday, when HBO sparks up season three of its stone-y, NYC-adoring show High Maintenance. The anthology series explores the secret lives of pot-imbibing city dwellers of all persuasions and provides a lens through which we can begin to make sense of our mercurial, trippy town. Goes well with (I’ve heard) or without weed, which may soon be legal in New York State. Need a HM fix before Sunday? You’re in luck.

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Courtesy of HBO

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