ICYMI: PS1! Food Carts! Festivals!

Goodbye, winter storm; hello (sorta), sunny skies!

Photo courtesy of Industry City/Facebook

One winter storm came and went, but there is still plenty to do, rain or shine, if you’re willing to leave your apartment. While we’re still pondering the state of our dysfunctional union (seriously, how much longer can this government shutdown last?!), we’ve been keeping track of the other, happier news stories around New York that you might have missed:

Under Construction

Long Island City‘s MoMA PS1 is a school-turned-museum filled with projects that have been carved into the building. One famous example is James Turrell’s ultimate skylight, Meeting, effectively a (well-constructed) hole in the ceiling that was built to offer an unobstructed view of the sky from dusk till dawn. However, New York’s never-ending construction has taken a new casualty. Turrell’s work now prominently features a crane. Let’s just say it’s part of the art?

Grade Pending

For all of us germaphobes who have exercised the greatest restraint while walking the streets of Manhattan: Our time has come! The NYC Health Department has officially started inspections of food carts. Next time the irresistible smell of halal wafts temptingly past you, the cart may likely have a letter grade to ensure that kebab is up to snuff.

new york city culture news january 26
Photo by Ian D. Keating/Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Riding Solo

Your perfect night on the Upper East Side may no longer include a stop at Nello. The upscale Italian restaurant made headlines last week when its staff asked a woman dining alone at a table to leave. We’ve all, no doubt, had nights where plans have fallen through or we simply wanted to treat ourselves while risking the potential embarrassment of sitting alone in public. But don’t let anything get in your way! We have great idea about how you can (defiantly) enjoy the city on your own.

Brooklyn Bites

New York City is—and will always be—a food lover’s dream. While Smorgasburg is out of commission for the winter, the Brooklyn Food Festival at Industry City, taking place this Saturday, January  26, is ready to fill that void—and your stomach. Sample to your heart’s content and, if you can save room for dessert, take a stroll around one of New York’s underrated neighborhoods: Sunset Park.

new york city culture news january 26
Photo courtesy of Industry City/Facebook

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