ICYMI: Japanese Food! Subway Cards! Composting!

Ready for spring? Sorry! But here’s some news that you can look forward to in the meantime.

Photo by Jerry Wang/Unsplash

Rabbit, rabbit. If you’re a little superstitious, these might have been the first words you said to yourself as you woke up yesterday morning to greet the new month, with a chance of procuring good luck. While we’re not exactly sure where this tradition comes from, we’d like to suggest that starting off March by getting caught up on the goings-on around the city might also spark fortune in your immediate future. So read on!

Take a Hike

After a monthlong delay, the MTA has finally announced that it will be raising the price on unlimited passes while keeping the single-ride fare the same (albeit not without nixing those bonuses that this writer has never fully understood). Note: These changes won’t go into effect until April. We have ideas for how you can enjoy this next month in the city while it still costs a little less.

new york city culture news march 2
Photo by Femke Ongena/Unsplash

Buck Up!

Dollar stores are not exclusively an American phenomenon. The Japanese chain Daiso is setting up its first East Coast location in Flushing’s Skyview Center, the better to broaden your thrift-shopping options. Find a fun something for a friend’s birthday or just discover trinkets for yourself—whatever gets you to take a stroll around New York’s food paradise.

new york city culture news march 2
Photo courtesy of Daiso Japan USA/Facebook

If You Give a City Pancakes…

Daiso is just the latest example of the rise in popularity of Japanese cultural offerings around New York. This trend continues with Taiyaki, a new fluffy pancake vendor in our beloved Chinatown that is already drawing excessively long lines (despite the chilly temps). We haven’t yet weathered the wait ourselves, but the pictures and the reasonable prices certainly inspire confidence—and hunger.

new york city culture news march 2
Photo courtesy of Taiyaki NYC

Birth of a Biennial

The Whitney Museum of American Art, arguably NYC’s hippest art museum, has just announced the list of artists who will be featured in its next Biennial. This cultural touchstone has recently been enmeshed in a controversy surrounding the business dealings of a board member, which prompted one artist to pull his work from the event. Still, the show will go on (as well as, we can safely assume, the accompanying protests) from May until early September—and will no doubt continue to be a newsworthy event.

new york city culture news march 2
Photo courtesy of Whitney Museum of American Art/Facebook

One Man’s Trash

A staggering one-third of the food produced around the world goes to waste. And it turns out, at least in New York City, we could turn that waste into renewable energy! We’ve thought a lot about different ways to enjoy the city while supporting sustainable enterprises. One simple thing you could add to that list is collecting your food scraps and dropping them off at the composting collector closest to you.

new york city culture news march 2
Photo courtesy of New York City Department of Sanitation/Facebook

A new month—time to make new plans!