ICYMI: Fancy Sidewalks! Nutella! (Not Together)

In less than a week you’ll be tucking into some major turkey. But first: a few bites of NYC culture news. Gobble, gobble!

Photo by Noah Fecks/Courtesy of GupShup

November, “Movember,” No-Shave-November: This is a month that has been cursed with unfortunate hair trends and slapdash names for them (however decent the cause). But we still love you, November—rain and all! Because while we’ve already had our first taste of snow (how!?)—and we’re prepping for a feast—New York is always filled with news of openings, nightlife, and the quirks that make this city such a pleasure to read and write about. In case you missed it:

The Checkered Mile

As much as we love New York City, sometimes it can be hard to call its trash-strewn streets beautiful. But in the hip (read: gentrifying) neighborhood that is Bushwick, the sidewalks may not be paved with gold, though one block has been adorned with the youthfulness of a fun checkerboard paint job just outside of the Risk Gallery and Boutique. As it turns out, not everyone was impressed. One neighbor brought their aesthetic complaint to the police, who slapped store owner Lindsay Risk with a fine. To our knowledge, you can still head to Bushwick for a stroll along this and other decorated sidewalks, as well as a wild night out.

new york city culture news november 16
Photo courtesy of Risk Gallery and Boutique/Facebook

GupShup or Get Out

They say everything old is new again, and Jimmy Rizvi’s new restaurant, GupShup, insists that this old adage applies to Indian food as much as any other cultural terrain. This is not the Indian joint around the corner (though we’re sure its food is delicious, too; you can’t really go wrong with Indian cuisine): The decor of GupShup gives diners the opportunity to bask in a version of India’s 1970s opulence amid murals and vibrant chandeliers. The eatery is located between Gramercy Park and Union Square, meaning many of us will hop on the L train to get there. For now.

new york city culture news november 16
Photo by Noah Fecks/Courtesy of GupShup

Game Night

Matt Rogers—a name so snappy that it sounds either fake or like it belongs on a marquee—has put himself on the map thanks to his weekly show at Club Cumming and the popular podcast Las Culturistas, which he cohosts with Saturday Night Live writer Bowen Yang. Catch the longtime-coming up-and-comer in action at Caveat tonight (Friday, November 16) at 9 p.m. alongside his friend Dave Mizzioni for their Gayme Show (get it?). Expect a good time and endless references to the latest remake of A Star Is Born.

new york city culture news november 16
Photo by Carly Hoogendyk/Courtesy of Caveat

They Go Low

Halloween is over and already forgotten, but we’ve found an event that’s still a little spooky: a candlelight tour of the catacombs beneath St. Patrick’s Cathedral! Family friendly, the age requirement for this night out is 4 years and up. Bonus: Here’s another place you can take the family while you’re slogging through midtown!

A Tea of One’s Own

The “Room for Tea” exhibition, which first opened for a few weeks this past August, is back for round two! Tickets will get you a 40-minute immersive experience described as a “multisensory journey” through the history of a drink almost as old as water itself. (And if you’re looking for something a little stronger than tea, we’ve got you covered on that front, too.)

new york city culture news november 16
Photo courtesy of “Room for Tea”/Facebook

Death by Hazelnut Spread

Nutella is an old favorite and no doubt the world’s primary purchaser of hazelnuts! Now the Ferrero subsidiary is opening its first Nutella Café in Union Square. (Is this what NYU students eat for breakfast?) We’re equal parts scared and excited about another indulgent treat in New York to satisfy the city’s insatiable sweet tooth. So enough with eating Nutella straight out of the jar—this is your chance to drizzle it on top of everything in sight.

new york city culture news november 16
Photo by Chris Liverani/Unsplash

Grrrls Night

Catherine Cohen has graced the ICYMI columns before. Aside from stints around town and her own weekly show at Club Cumming, Cohen also stars alongside friends Mitra Jouhari and Patti Harrison in the cheekily titled It’s a Guy Thing. Catch them at the Bell House in Brooklyn on Tuesday, December 18, for a special holiday edition. We’re telling you far enough in advance because tickets do sell out—in which case, there are some other comedians we’ve got our eye on.

Hungry for more? We’ve got your meals planned for the next month.