ICYMI: Hot Duck! Japan Village! $150 Cocktails!

It’s been a long week—you might need a redic and super-expensive drink. No judgment. OK, maybe a little.

Photo courtesy of New York Bucket List/Facebook

While this coming weekend is forecast to bring buckets of rain, holiday cheer can still be felt across the city. That’s thanks, in part, to the 75-year-old, 22-foot-tall, 12-ton Nordic spruce tree (but you can call her Shelby) sitting tall in Rockefeller Center and now adorned with Christmas lights. But the tree lighting isn’t the only thing that happened this week in NYC. Here’s what else you might have missed:

Land of the Setting Sun

The beautiful Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn has just introduced a new addition to its already hip, bustling Industry City—a revamped warehouse complex that already feels more like a playground: Japan Village. It boasts both a food hall and a grocery store, and you can also expect an array of exciting cultural events throughout the year.

Industry City Japan Village
Go fishing in Sunset Park. / Photo courtesy of Industry City

Breakbeats & Buildings

Hip hop is not just a genre of music. An ongoing exhibition at the Center for Architecture titled “Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip-Hop Architecture” will show you how the remix culture of the post-disco Bronx music scene is reflected in the structure of our buildings. We have our own novice opinions about the concrete jungle, but let the experts tell you about how the changing landscape of New York has incorporated new styles over the years.

Hip Hop Architecture Museum
Consider the roof raised. / Photo by Erik Bardin

Getting the Ban Back Together!

A New York City-wide ban on certain single-use foam products (ahem, Styrofoam!) will finally go into effect on January 1. This ban was initially voted upon all the way back in 2015, but after some delays, we’re back on track. Now there are plenty of ways for you to reduce your impact on the city—and the world.

What’s the Tip on That?

The Williamsburg Hotel already serves cocktails in its basement hotel bar, and the rooftop pool has an unbeatable view of Manhattan (sadly not available to guests again until the spring). Of course, hotels all around New York already know how to make themselves an oasis within a hectic, crowded city. Now the Williamsburg is literally upping the ante by offering both drinks and a view in its newly opened, intimate, and elevated Water Tower. Don’t worry, it also serves drinks cheaper than its $150 truffle-infused cocktail.

Williamsburg Hotel Holiday
But the view is free! / Photo courtesy of The Williamsburg Hotel

Duck, Duck, You

Keeping up with the hot Mandarin duck that first glided into our collective consciousness and across the ponds of Central Park only a few weeks ago is not easy. But the avian conservationists and apparel maker Kirtlandii has made it simpler to honor everyone’s fave fowl with new hot duck–inspired merchandise. Yes, now you can wear your love of this majestic bird on your sleeve! Sweatshirts are selling out quickly and, interestingly, Kirtlandii told WSWD that the majority of these purchases are coming from West Coasters in Montana, Washington, and all the way up in Canada. If we keep slacking, New York, the duck might leave us for New Jersey!

Duck Sweater Wear Shop
It comes in Truffle color, too! / Photo courtesy of Kirtlandii

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