ICYMI: Safety Signs! Papaya King! It’s Fall!

Your perfect Halloween pregame is just one of the many can’t-miss cultural happenings this week.

Photo by Joshua Bright/Courtesy of Wave Hill

New York, New York! Our city is forever filled with bizarre stories of unattended llamas running through the streets and the occasional heartwarming account of strangers saving each other from near-death experiences. While the metro area is keeping you on your toes, we’ve been busy compiling a quick roundup of worthwhile news you might have missed. Come back every Friday for the latest, in case you missed it…

Employees Must Wash Hands—Stylishly

A design trend is emerging around New York’s hippest restaurants. The Department of Health demands that certain health and safety posters be placed prominently in establishments, but the question of how those posters are styled is more open-ended. Accordingly, it is becoming more common to spot silly or interesting PSAs, allowing these eateries to follow sanitary codes that won’t clash with their decor. Next time you visit one of these restaurants, keep an eye out for their subtle and groovy personalizations.

All Hail the (Papaya) King

There are a lot of good hot dogs in the city, but Papaya King remains iconic.This is not the first time the beloved hot dog–vending eatery has attempted some kind of expansion. Fingers crossed this time will stick: Papaya King signed a new franchise deal to open 20 locations between here and Florida. The dog that Julia Child declared the best in New York (which means the world, right?)—first sold in 1932—once had a modest franchise empire along the East Coast. By 2010 it had retreated back to only the original location on 86th Street. Now the king riseth again!

Photo courtesy of Papaya King/Facebook

National Treasure, Minus Nic Cage

The Payne Whitney Mansion on the Upper East Side, now owned by the French Embassy, will be opening its doors for tours this weekend through Open House New York. A New Yorker’s treasure trove of cool info—with the storied history of its murdered architect alongside revelations of such valuable items as Michelangelo statues (unbeknownst to the embassy for the first 40 years it owned the building!) and a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe—the house itself is a Fifth Avenue gem. While you’re in the area, you can pop over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see one of our obsessions.

Photo by Gryffindor via Wikimedia Commons

Monster Mashing

If you think Green-Wood Cemetery sounds like the right place to ring in Halloween, we’ve found an event for you! Tonight and tomorrow, October 19 and 20, the 487-acre rural burial ground, located between Park Slope and Sunset Park, is being transformed into a haunted wonderland filled with “ethereal sights and sounds.” Keep the kids at home, because this happening is built for grown-ups; if you’re looking for something more family friendly, we have suggestions for how to spend a day in Sunset Park.

Photo by Robyn Von Swank/Courtesy of Green-Wood Cemetery

Fall Foliage, Minus the Upstate Traffic

It’s a small window of opportunity: The perfect time to appreciate fall’s changing leaves is now! Take a break from disparaging the cold weather (ugh) and throw on your best autumn sweater to traipse around one of the city’s numerous beautiful parks. For example, Central Park has released a new foliage map for your own self-directed tours, while assigned rangers and horticulturists are leading tours in late October and early November at Wave Hill and the New York Botanical Garden.

Photo by Joshua Bright/Courtesy of Wave Hil


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