ICYMI: Sushi Robots! Satellite Spaces! Le Cirque Lives!

New York still never sleeps—but you do. So you might have missed a couple things.

Photo courtesy of Le Cirque

We’re all familiar with the cliché that New York is a busy place, but that doesn’t make it less true. It’s daunting to stay on top of everything happening across the five boroughs. Looking for a quick roundup of the recent announcements that barely dented the headlines? Check in with us every Friday for the latest on the city’s tricks, treats, and eats. Now, in case you missed it:

The Kids Are All Right

October has been renamed: Now the entire month is Halloween. Not really, but sheesh, sometimes it sure feels that way! If you’re looking for ways to please the tricksters that might come knocking at your door, you’re in luck because the Candy Company crunched the numbers on the bestselling candy in every state. The tastiest treats in New York? Sour Patch Kids reign supreme for a second year in a row, followed by candy corn and Hot Tamales. (If you’re trying to cut down on the sugar, you have options at some of these savory October events.)

Believe it or not, these are New York’s most popular Halloween candies. / Photo by Sarah Takforyan/Unsplash

Sushi Blade Runner

The robot uprising might be tastier than you think. Harris Salat’s new Bigeye Sushi in downtown Brooklyn is using sushi rolling robots to make it easier to prepare each roll to order. We’re already in awe of all the amazing Japanese cuisine around the city, but how many robot chefs are out there? Well, there’s no need to worry about humans getting phased out; the robots still require a human hand to actually assemble the role—but this fast-casual dining experience hopes to optimize quality and speed.

C’est Vivant! 

Le Cirque refuses to quit. Having moved three times since it first opened in 1974, the legendary French restaurant is planning to set up a new storefront on East 60th Street after the last one closed on New Year’s Day 2017. The Maccioni family (sounds French, right?), who own the restaurant, promise something more intimate than their previous incarnation—and while we wait for the opening, we’ll drink wine to that!

Photo courtesy of Le Cirque/Facebook

Satellite of Love

The Bronx Museum of the Arts recently announced a foray out of the northernmost borough and is opening a satellite space in Tribeca. Its new auxiliary location, set to open later this year, will be used to support emerging artists through its Artist in the Marketplace program. We’ll happily affirm that there is no such thing as too much good art, and there’s plenty to see this fall. That said, we’re excited to get a little piece of the Bronx in lower Manhattan.

80 White Street, location of the soon-to-open Bronx Museum of the Arts Tribeca.

It’s Alive!

How the macroscopic layout of our beautiful, grimy city has developed can be traced back to the microbes that have shaped years of urban design. Don’t believe us? Check out the Museum of the City of New York’s latest exhibition, “Germ City: Microbes and the Metropolis” before it closes in April. The staff at WSWD also recently spent some time appreciating the layout of the city, though we didn’t get as deep into NYC’s guts. As a bonus, here’s a piece of trivia from the show: Once city planners realized diseases like cholera were spread through contaminated water, they constructed the Croton Aqueduct that we still use today.

Microbes and the metropolis: a match made in museum heaven. / Photo courtesy of Museum of the City of New York

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