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Our Top Posts of 2019: Koreatown, Immersive Theater, and More!

New Yorkers heart kimchi.

Photo courtesy of Seppe Pizza Bar/Facebook

We crunched the numbers on our most popular posts of 2019. Turns out, NYC’s citizens are really into food, drinking, theater, food, crystals, drinking, love, and food!

  1. Koreatown. The runaway hit for us in 2019 was this insider’s guide to Manhattan’s Koreatown—from the best barbecue and karaoke joints to shops where you can pick up a K-beauty foot mask or a K-pop BTS poster. We New Yorkers love K-everything!
  2. Immersive theater. That was the most-searched-for term on WSWD in 2019. Thankfully, it’s one of our favorite topics, too, and we’ve got the scoop on the classics—Sleep No More and Then She Fell—as well as exciting newcomers like The Unbrunch and this month’s intriguing The Woman in Black.

    the unbrunch alice's adventures in wonderland
    Photo courtesy of The Unbrunch
  3. Bachelorette parties. Single ladies put on a ring on it this year with more than a little help from our guide to planning the best bachelorette bash for every kind of bride. If you’re getting hitched in 2020, or if you just want to have a killer night out with your friends, start here.
    NYC bachelorette parties
  4. Birthday dinners. Our restaurant recommendations for the perfect spots to celebrate milestone birthdays was the fourth biggest hit this year. And as long as people keep turning 21, 30, 40, 50, and 60, we’re pretty sure this classic will continue to rank high in 2020, too.
  5. Off-the-beaten-path museums. Of course, we love the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History. But sometimes we want a smaller, more manageable, more boutique museum experience. And apparently, so do you. Our roundup of underrated museums made the Top 10.
  6. Date nights. In NYC, date-night options are endless, but we managed to narrow down the field  to these 10 perfect and perfectly romantic evenings.

    Photo by Adrian Gaut/Courtesy of The Grill
  7. Crystals and candles. Los Angeles gets all the woo-woo hype, but New Yorkers are into aura photos and chakra cleansing, too; our piece on occult stores was one of the most-read of the year.

    Photo courtesy of Stick, Stone & Bone/Facebook
  8. Bars with fireplaces. Our popular piece “Fireside Drinks: Where to Survive NYC’s Chilly Evenings” warmed readers’ hearts—and hands.

    Photo by Isaac Danna/Courtesy of Union Hall
  9. Food trends. Were our food-trend predictions for 2019—vegan comfort food and momos, to name just two—on point? Find out!
  10. Holiday fun. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the December festivities that piqued our readers’ interest in 2019. Instead, Halloween and Valentine’s Day got all the, well, love. Check out our ranking of the best NYC neighborhoods for trick-or-treating or try one of our 31 ways to make your partner blush.

    Photo by Sayaka Ueno

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