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What You Should Do This MLK Weekend: January 12–15

From virtual reality adventures to dancing the night away at NYC's only Balkan music festival, your three-day weekend will book up fast.

“Hajiee Maman”

When it comes to a three-day weekend, we New Yorkers don’t mess around. Good thing there’s a surplus of events this MLK weekend to fill in those blank calendar squares, including thought-provoking shows at P.S.122, an innovative workout that includes trampolines and a fog machine (!), and a wine bar known as one of NYC’s best-kept secrets—until now.


Dane’s trip to a friend’s house in small-town Pepper Heights, Ohio, takes a turn for the bizarre after he accepts a job at the local zoo and discovers “Zoe the Zebra” isn’t the cute attraction it lets on to be. Storytelling, theater, and music string together the surreal plot of Jupiter’s Lifeless Moonspart of this year’s Coil Festival. Don’t miss your chance to see one of the first events taking place inside P.S. 122’s new East Village location. Friday, January 12–Wednesday, January 17; times vary

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This zebra is NSFZ (not safe for zoos).
Live Music

If one of your 2018 resolutions is to expand your music library, you can add the rhythms of Balkan folk to the top of your playlist. For a crash course, immerse yourself in the complex sounds of 50-plus bands at Park Slope’s Zlatne Uste Golden Festival to get a real taste of the southeast European tradition—all happening inside Grand Prospect Hall, known for its lavish interior and a partiality for over-the-top flair. Friday, January 12; doors open at 7 p.m. and Saturday, January 13; doors open at 5:30 p.m.


Have you ever had the urge to freeze a moment in time, to hold onto it and remember it forever? NYC painter Gina Malek attempts to do just that through the drawings, writings, and video clips displayed in her solo exhibition “On What Remains.” January 13 marks the final day you can witness the artist’s stunning interpretations of her own memory and identity. Through Saturday, January 13

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Friday Lesson

You won’t find monkey bars or seesaws at this adult playground. Brought to you by the man who trained middleweight champ Oscar de la Hoya, Switch’s boot camp–style workout offers loads of activities and equipment new to the fitness scene—think: trampolines, live DJs, and fog machines—all meant to give you the most unique total-body trainingClass times vary

Family Fun

Take your tech-obsessed kids on an interactive trip to VR World NYC, one of the largest virtual reality centers on the planet. Strap on the cutting-edge goggles for a chance to climb 480 feet above the ground or survive the next zombie apocalypse—without leaving Manhattan. Open seven days a week; times vary

nyc events this weekend
Play inside another dimension at VR World.
Eating and Drinking

Visit a wine bar where it’s only appropriate to act like a total SNOB—that is, to take advantage of the sustainable, natural, organic, and biodynamic reds and whites at Inwood’s wine and cheese spot, Tannat. Our food expert, Jess Bender, is particularly fond of pairing her vino with Tannat’s shitake-and-sesame pâte and other seasonal small plates. Monday–Sunday, 4 p.m.–2 a.m.

Give Back

Your kids might not have school on Monday, but that doesn’t mean they won’t learn something new. On this Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service, give back to the environment and get a lesson on composting at Snug Harbor’s Turn & Learn event. Saturday, January 13, 1–3 p.m.

The NYC Compost Project is hosted by the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden.

We can curate your perfect three-day weekend; get in touch and we’ll make it happen.