ICYMI: #MeToo! Film Festivals! Cheese Tea!?

It’s another busy week in NYC! Here’s your fast catch-up on the best cultural happenings.

“My Africa.” / Photo by Ami Vitale/Courtesy of NYFF

Sometimes (who are we kidding—most of the time!) it can feel impossible to keep up with the latest news and events happening around New York. Don’t fret, we’re here to alleviate your culture fatigue with a convenient roundup of recent happenings that might have fallen through the cracks. Check in with us every Friday for the latest on city news and food fads. Now, in case you missed it:

Show Up for #MeToo

We are in the midst of an especially brutal few weeks of revelations about how many women have been mistreated by powerful men who abuse their privilege. A little over a year ago, the #MeToo movement sent waves through the entertainment industry and beyond, but this hashtag-launched sentiment was initially founded back in 2006 by activist Tarana Burke. On Sunday, October 7, Burke will be speaking with political commentator Karine Jean-Pierre at the 92nd Street Y. The event is an opportunity to take stock of the progress we’ve made in the past year and to consider how much further we need to go.

nyc news october 5
Photo courtesy of Tarana Burke

My Way or the Subway

It might be hard to believe—though we’ve been rooting for it the whole time—but MTA service is demonstrating measurable improvement. OK, OK, we’re still experiencing frustrating delays, but in a board meeting last week, the vice president for NYC Transit, Sally Librera, explained major subway incidents are down, and the amount of delays has decreased as well. After Governor Cuomo declared the MTA in a state of emergency this summer, the improvements have been slow, but we can still take some pride in one of the greatest cities in the world getting its transit system back up to speed. In the meantime, we’ve found other reasons to appreciate the subway.

nyc news october 5
Photo courtesy of MTA

Cheese Louise

We promise: Cheese tea is way more delicious than the name might imply. This new take on a classic drink originated in Taiwan in 2010 when some food genius decided to top a cold tea with a dairy lover’s dream combo of powdered cheese, salt, whipping cream, and milk. Think of it as a satisfying mix of bubble tea and cheesecake. Yum, right? Mi Tea already has a location in Flushing, but the Chinese chain will soon be bringing this burgeoning drink trend to the East Village.

nyc news october 5
Photo courtesy of Mi Tea/Facebook

Go for a Ride(share)

Hailing a cab was once a mandatory part of being a New Yorker. And while it can feel exhilarating to wave your hand and see a car pull over just for you, it can also be a drag to stand with your arms in the air as cars pass you by—which is why so many people opt to use ride-sharing companies (even some that we know treat their drivers badly!). Now the New York–based Waave is bringing yellow and green cabs into the digital age by allowing people in all five boroughs to hail a car from their phones. The app ensures cheaper rides for longer trips and no surge pricing, hoping to improve the experience of taking a ride above ground through the city.

nyc news october 5
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Cuarón, Je T’aime

Film lovers, rejoice! The New York Film Festival is currently running events at Lincoln Center through October 14. There are perhaps too many amazing panels and new movies to see (a good problem to have), but buying all of those tickets takes a toll on your wallet. Luckily, some of the best events are free and open to the public, including a conversation with director Alfonso Cuarón on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The Oscar-winning genius behind the best Harry Potter film (The Prisoner of Azkaban, hands down!) and the Mexican classic Y Tu Mamá También is back with a new movie on Netflix, Roma (which has already received accolades). You’ll probably need to line up early to get a seat, but seeing Cuarón speak about his work is well worth the effort!

Alfonso Cuarón on the set of Roma. / Photo by Carlos Somonte/Courtesy of Netflix

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