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Hot Immersive Theater! And 9 Other Things Our Culture Experts Are Doing This November

From experiential opera to Mike Birbiglia on Broadway and Jewish comfort food, these are the events you cannot miss this month.

Photo by Dominic M. Mercier/Courtesy of Glass Handel

Otherworldly music, the best photographs in the world, immersive theater, and matzo ball soup…it’s all part of November in New York City. Dig in!

Live Music

Julien Baker with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, November 7
Each in their early 20s and with significant (if mostly under the radar) fan bases, indie rock singer-songwriters Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus started their group tour as individual artists, but discovered they worked well enough together that they formed a group on the road. While they’ll each do solo work tonight at Brooklyn Steel, they’ll also play tracks from their brand-new collaborative EP, BoygeniusJohn Seroff, music expert

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Photo by Nolan Knight

Kamasi Washington, November 11
Also performing at Brooklyn Steel is jazz saxophonist and bandleader Washington, our generation’s answer to Sun Ra. He’s at the forefront of improvisational and at times otherworldly jazz and should not be missed. Meera Dugal, music expert

Theater + Immersive Experiences

The New One, opens November 11
Comedian Mike Birbiglia (who has some smart ideas about the midterm elections and voting!) finds the humor and heartbreak in being a reluctant father in his first show on Broadway. He enumerates all the reasons why one shouldn’t spawn children—then goes ahead and does it anyway. David Cote, theater expert

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Photo courtesy of The New One

Mean Book Club!, November 12
Mean Book Club! is a hilarious podcast spoof on book clubs, during which BuzzFeed and CollegeHumor writers rip apart New York Times bestselling books. This live taping features a heavy Q&A with the audience, so you can lend your deep opinion. The book up for discussion: Fifty Shades of GrayRoss Tipograph, performance expert

Glass Handel, November 26 and 27
Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine provides the unique space and New York City Ballet’s Tony-nominated Justin Peck provides the choreography for this hour-long, experiential opera-and-music-video–themed piece. You’ll have a unique point of view as a mobile chair guides you through the multimedia spectacle. Ross Tipograph, performance expert

nyc november events glass handel
Photo by Dominic M. Mercier/Courtesy of Glass Handel

Art + Museums

“Ansel Adams,” through December 22
The gorgeous landscape photographs of Adams, a dedicated environmentalist, take on a new haunting beauty in the light of what we now know about climate change. His vintage prints displayed at the Robert Mann Gallery, dating back to the 1920s, are not only among the best photographs there are, but they’re in pristine condition—perfectly printed, perfectly preserved. —Paddy Johnson, art expert

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Mt. Williamson, The Sierra Nevada, from Manzanar, California, 1944. / Courtesy of The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust, courtesy Robert Mann Gallery

ISCP Open Studios, November 9 and 10
As an artist and curator, I am always looking for new artists, ideas, events, and flavors to incorporate into my work. One of the most delightful and enriching events that I attend whenever I’m in town is the International Studio & Curatorial Program Open Studios. This year, 35 artists from more than 20 countries open their doors (and their brains) to show folks like myself what they are working on. Molly Surno, art expert

B+H Photography Walking TourNovember 13
There’s no better backdrop than NYC! That’s why What Should We Do teamed up with legendary photo and video retailer B&H to create a ‘gramable walking tour of New York’s Hudson Yards area. Learn just the right way to frame your shot from B+H’s crack team of shutterbugs as you admire the work of some of the city’s slickest street artists, fall foliage on the Highline, and contemporary images at Aperature Gallery.

Dining + Drinking

The Goods Mart, Nolita
The Nolita outpost of Los Angeles’s The Goods Mart strives to be more 7-Eleven than boutique. It is offering non-GMO, additive-free snacks; La Colombe coffee; organic slushies; and an impressive roster of hot food that includes L.A. burritos, Alidoro Italian sandwiches, blemished fruit from Local Roots, and curried lentil-plantain puffs from Spoon & Sprout—and also donating all tips to local initiatives. Feels good, right? —Secret Culinary Insider

Jewish Comfort Food, November 28
With winter around the corner, we’re prepping to go into hibernation. Prospect Heights’s Cook Space knows that the best way to warm your stomach (and soul) is with a generous spread of Jewish classics. Learn to make matzo ball soup, brisket, latkes, and babka. Jess Bender, eating and drinking expert


Krishna Das, November 9
For a Friday night with peak zen, close your laptop and head to the Upper West Side, where chant master Krishna Das will be performing. Once called “yoga’s rock star,” you very well may have heard his blissed-out music while working through your vinyasa. If you haven’t, after you hear him, you’ll want to. —Secret Culinary Insider

nyc november events krishna das
Photo by Matt Thomas/Courtesy of Krishna Das

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