Orbit at the Whitney Museum

This month, Artists Malin Arnell and Amapola Prada blast off into a continuous 10-day performance art piece at the Whitney Museum.

Photo courtesy of the artist and Higher Pictures

Last week, we told you about Halil Altindere’s Space Refugee art installation, which imagines a refugee camp on Mars. Starting February 9, artists MPA, Malin Arnell, and Amapola Prada enter into Orbit, a continuous, 10-day performance that simulates the experience of astronauts circling the Earth. (Clearly, in the wake of the presidential election, artists are thinking about life elsewhere.) The three women will live in a sliver of a space between windowpanes in the Whitney’s theater, with just food and water, a composting toilet, instruments, and a treadmill. They’ll sleep in shifts, allowing for a live “specimen” whenever you visit. Their mission: investigating the sustainability of life on our planet. (No biggie.)

Orbit (part of the four-part “MPA: Red in View” exhibition)
Whitney Museum of American Art
99 Gansevoort Street (between Eleventh Avenue and Washington Street)
February 9–19
Museum admission for adults is $25

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