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The Perfect Day (or Night) in Hudson Yards

No, you won’t have to climb the Vessel (unless you want to).

Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Hudson Yards is NYC’s new must-visit space for cutting-edge art, culture, dining, and retail. Whether you’re trying to impress a date or take the kids somewhere fun, you and your Instagram won’t want to miss these stunning spots.

DO: Catch Agnes Denes and Emerging Artists at the Shed

The Shed is a modular space where the work is all new and commissioned, and every premiere is a world premiere! Learn more about it here. 545 West 30th Street

EAT: Global-Influenced Dim Sum at Wild Ink

Who says you have to head down to Chinatown for proper dim sum? Executive Chef Peter Jin approaches the concept based on his team’s travels around the world. The pork steamed buns and scallion pancakes are as excellent as ever, but what other Asian spot can you also order curried lamb momos and sweetbreads doused in General Tso’s sauce? 20 Hudson Yards

DRINK: Sherry-and-Sodas at Mercado Little Spain’s Diner Bar

This massive food hall is basically the Eataly of Spanish food, with multiple restaurants, bars, and markets serving up all the specialties of the country. Cap off your workday with a classic sangria or drink outside of your comfort zone with sherry-spiked sodas—either or go spectacularly with impromptu fútbol viewings. 10 Hudson Yards

UNWIND: Amongst Greenery at 3DEN

Whether you’re looking to recharge in the middle of the day or just need an alternative nook to catch up on projects, this bucolic escape has you covered. Located on the fourth floor of the Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards, 3DEN also comes with a hard-to-beat view of the Vessel. 20 Hudson Yards

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