WSWD Plans

Make It a Virtual Game Day!

There are no losers with this plan.

Photo courtesy of Official Bicycle® Cards/Facebook

With these stay-at-home game ideas, everybody wins!

ESCAPE: The Room (From Inside Your Home!)

Solve 19 mental and physical puzzles before your one-hour time limit runs out.

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Photo courtesy of Escape Room in a Box/Facebook

ROLL: The Dice and Yell Yahtzee!

Or purchase a few properties, draw four, and capture your teammate’s queen. Now you can play all your favorite games online.

play games online
Photo by Campaign Creators/Unsplash

PICK: A Card, Any Card

But we’re not talking about magic tricks. Teach the kids a few of these classic card games to pass the time (and have a ton of fun!).

For more fun at-home ideas, our planners are here to help!