Save Room for Pie Season

Photo courtesy of the Pie Hole

Pie season is in full gear the last two months of the year, and our pastry scene is swarming with choices. Not sure where to get yours? Our experts’ picks, below, will make your decision easy as pie.

Photo by Jim Sullivan/Courtesy of Birdie G’s

Birdie G’s
The sprawling semi-industrial space in Bergamot Station belies Jeremy Fox’s casual something-for-everyone menu here, including dessert. With all the choices, it’s fun to go with a group to taste a wider swath of what’s offered. Just be sure to save room for a slice of its sugar cream pie, which is pretty much deliciously rich crème brûlée in a triangle crust. 2421 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica

Frankielucy Bakeshop
This Filipino fusion flavor bakery is expanding palates through a variety of sweets (custards, cookies, cheesecakes, and pies), many utilizing ube. Try the upside down pie, a thick custard topped with graham cracker crumbles, for a unique twist on a timeless dessert. 3116 1/2 Sunset Boulevard

Photo by Nastassia Johnson/Courtesy of Cake Monkey

Cake Monkey
With its “Enjoy life, eat cake” neon sign and pink-icing storefront, the charming little Cake Monkey Bakery is a mecca for sweet-tooths. Non–pie lovers will come for the cakes, cookies, and throwback treats, but sweet pastry lovers stay for the fragrant cherry almond pie and its crisp, caramelized upper crust. 7807 Beverly Boulevard

This dizzyingly busy, all-inclusive, market-style deli has everything from amazing breads and pizzas to bakery items and sandwiches. The chocolate pecan and honey pies are always on the menu; during the holidays, apple-and-quince and pumpkin pies round out the quartet. 320 Sunset Avenue, Venice

Photo courtesy of Dominique Ansel Bakery, Los Angeles/Facebook

Dominique Ansel Bakery
A pie created by a James Beard Award–winning French pastry chef is sure to be a standout on your dessert table, so luckily, the bakery’s exquisite Thanksgiving pies are available for preorder now through November 28. The Extra Silky pumpkin pie is triple strained, turning this typically heavy custard variety into an ultralight and delicate treat. 189 The Grove Drive

The Manufactory L.A.
The legendarily beautiful carb empire known as Tartine expands to seasonal pies, including a version of pumpkin and apple along with a pecan tart this Thanksgiving. All will be available for pickup in the market starting November 18, or call now and place a phone order. 757 South Alameda Street, Suite 160

Photo courtesy of Sqirl

We’re used to waiting in line for a Sqirl-served meal, so waiting all year for the release of its Thanksgiving pies is really no biggie. The pies this time around take on familiar holiday tropes, but the unexpected ingredients give it a depth and sophistication only Sqirl can execute. Case in point: Its version of a pecan pie is tahini caramel pecan and sunflower seed. Hurry, online orders are only accepted until they sell out. 720 Virgil Avenue #4

Atticus Creamery & Pies
This local creamery also offers a smorgasbord of custard-based mini tarts (GF and vegan options, too!). With so many diverse choices—lemon lavender, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry pistachio, chocolate Earl Grey, and more—the sample case helps ensure you’re making the best selection. 10893 West Pico Boulevard

Photo courtesy of Sweet Lady Jane, West Hollywood/Facebook

Sweet Lady Jane
This classic bakery turns out exceptional treats (triple berry cake!) and brunch/lunch fare at its three locations across Los Angeles. The small space is part of the charm, but the Santa Monica shop also has a quaint outside patio—the perfect spot to enjoy that home-style deep-dish cherry pie. 1631 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica

Photo courtesy of the Pie Hole

The Pie Hole
The Pie Hole is so popular it has several permanent locations as well as regular pop-ups all over the city. Pick up a whole pie on the spot (no preorders necessary) or get any by the slice, and if you go on a weekend, there’s a whole other set of special pies to choose from. The rich, fudge-y, slightly spicy Mexican chocolate variety with an espresso-infused cream topping should not be ignored if it presents itself when you’re there. Various locations throughout Los Angeles

This tiny Eagle Rock shop regularly racks up baking awards and serves a wide variety of pie slices, personal pies that fit in the palm of your hand, and a select number of whole pies, too. It’s only open Friday through Sunday and the menu changes weekly but often includes an award-winning variety like the salted caramel mango rum, triple-berry Cabernet, or espresso butterscotch pecan. 5106 Townsend Boulevard

Photo courtesy of Winston Pies/Facebook

Winston Pies
This pie stop offers a needed break in the midst of a charming stretch of Brentwood shops. Its mini pies are sized to serve just two and the perfect way to try a few kinds without feeling too gluttonous. Just make sure to include a Key lime variety—the creamy, tangy filling is perfectly balanced with a bit of sweetness. 11678 San Vicente Boulevard

Du-Pars is an actual retro diner that will satisfy a late-night pie craving. Whole pies are available to go from its well-stocked bakery case. Or stay for a piece of apple pie served dairy farm–style, with a slice of melted Cheddar on top. 6333 West 3rd Street

Apple Pan
The time capsule that is the Apple Pan diner has been accepting cash only and serving it counter style since 1947. Skip the namesake pie and go straight for the banana cream, with rows upon rows of sliced bananas sandwiched between layers of creamy pudding and topped with fresh whipped cream. 10801 Pico Boulevard

Photo courtesy of Friends & Family/Facebook

Friends & Family
Using locally sourced, heirloom grains, this Hollywood bakery/brunch spot is upping the gluten game in Los Angeles. With hand pies daily; fruit galettes in the summer; and a well-rounded, decadent selection of pies during the winter holidays, get anything you like and make sure to pair it with a generous tub of its fresh house-made whipped cream. 5150 Hollywood Boulevard