Four Things to Know About the Kids in the Cast of “School of Rock”

Meet the little rockers from the Broadway show and enter to win tickets!

Photo by Michael Webber

To kick off What Should We Do?!’s partnership with the hit Broadway musical School of Rock, we hosted an ice cream social with four of the adorable and enormously talented kids from the cast. (Isn’t that how all professional partnerships are celebrated?)

school of rock broadway cast
Whose bag is biggest? Photo by Michael Webber

We met the young actors—John Allyn (Billy, the band’s stylist), Montgomery Lamb (bassist Katie), Gabrielle “Gabby” Greene (shy but big-voiced Tomika), and Iggy Rosado (light techie Mason)—at Cool Mess, a DIY ice cream parlor on the Upper East Side, where we got to make our own delicious ice cream and mix in our own toppings.

school of rock broadway cast
Iggy and Gabby know where the good stuff is. Photo by Michael Webber

Properly sugared up, the kids chatted about what it’s like to juggle school and Broadway life, laughed about the practical jokes they play on their adult castmates, and shared their favorite things to do in the city when they’re not on stage. Keep reading below for the four surprising things we learned about them.

1. They have sophisticated taste.

Gabby loves opera (her favorite place to shop is the Metropolitan Opera gift store). John’s favorite meal is oysters and lobster rolls at Grand Banks, a sailboat moored at Pier 25 on the Hudson River. They all adore the Hamilton soundtrack and want to see the musical.

2. But they’re still kids.

Their second favorite museum in NYC (after the American Museum of Natural History, natch) is Madame Tussauds. They fall into giggles when talking about their love of the over-the-top cake shakes at Black Tap. They steal the adult ensemble members’ mobile phones and take goofy selfies on them (and sometimes even post them on Instagram; better start following @GabrielleGreeneOfficial@official.montgomery.lamb, and @thejohnallyn!). And except for Gabby, a self-confessed germaphobe, they all like to frolic in the Washington Square fountain in the summer.

3. They work HARD.

Though she played the upright bass before she won her role, Montgomery had to learn the new instrument in just a few months. And while Iggy’s character doesn’t play an instrument, Iggy has to keep up his piano practice because he understudies for the character of Lawrence, the band’s keyboardist. Gabby steams and drinks tea every night to take care of her voice. And they all get up early to start school (except for Montgomery, they are all homeschooled and tutored on set), then rush to make their performances before heading back home to do homework. These actors are committed to a degree that’s difficult for most adults, let alone kids.

4. They can eat a ridiculous amount of candy! 

The owners of Cool Mess gave all of the kids free rein of the candy-scoop bins—and none of them were shy about taking advantage. They filled their bags to the very top with probably five pounds’ worth of gummy bears, jelly beans, and candy corn. (I’ll admit to being a little jealous; where was my candy bag?) Even after they had polished off the ice cream concoctions we made, they had no problem moving right on to the hard stuff.

school of rock broadway cast
Montgomery and Iggy love their Cool Mess creations! Photo by Michael Webber

But if you’ve seen School of Rock, you know that these kids are dancing and jumping nonstop for more than two hours straight. The headbanging they do probably burns about 13,000 calories alone. (Do they get headaches? A question for next time!) A sugar rush, it turns out, is necessary when you’re rocking out and sticking it to the man.

If you’d like to have a megafun night with the cast, too, visit our Facebook page to enter to win a family four-pack of tickets to School of Rock, plus dinner in NYC on us. (The School of Rock kids recommend dessert afterward at Cool Mess, of course.) And watch our Instagram account later this month, when they take over our feed! Rules and regulations apply.