Scott’s Pizza Tours

Scott Wiener loves pizza. He also loves to talk about it. As much as possible. After years of taking friends and family on pizza road trips, Scott decided to start Scott’s Pizza Tours in New York City to share his passion and knowledge with the rest of us. His expertise recently came in very handy when Scott worked on the New York section of the book Where to Eat Pizza (Phaidon). “I get a lot of calls when there’s a pizza project that’s either historic or New York–centric. I have a good lay of the land,” says Scott. WSWD caught up with the extremely busy pizza expert after he returned from a pizza-judging gig in Italy. “Ridiculous. Non-stop pizza, non-stop prosciutto. It could be a lot worse,” he joked.

How long have you been doing pizza tours? We just celebrated our eighth anniversary. It’s been eight years of all pizza all the time.

How many tours do you typically do a day? We do a maximum of two tours a day. We also do private tours. We’ve done over 2,500 tours for over 40,000 people in six different neighborhoods.

Do you have a favorite pizza neighborhood? I don’t really have a favorite neighborhood, but my favorite tours are the ones that go the farthest—the Bronx and Staten Island. You wouldn’t do that on a normal day living in New York. So we try to send you farther than you would go on your own.

How many slices have you eaten doing this job? Oh my goodness! I average 1.5–2 slices per tour. I’ve done 1,800 tours, so I would guess around 2,500 slices!

You hold the Guinness World Record for the largest pizza-box collection. How many do you have? I have just over 1,200 in my collection, including some from 65 different countries. Most of them are in my apartment, but some of them are in Manchester, England, right now for an exhibition. I’ve done shows in Berlin and London. I’m actually looking for sponsorship from a storage company!

How do you feel about Chicago- and Detroit-style pizza in NYC? It’s awesome. About damn time! In the same way that NY developed its own style of pizza, each of these cities did the same thing. It’s all over the U.S. now.

Scott’s Pizza Tours offers tours seven days a week in all five boroughs.