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Kolo Is the New Yolo: Join the Slavic Soul Party!

Dance with New York’s resident clown princes of Balkan brass in Tompkins Square Park.

To be clear, Slavic Soul Party! is a band—a Balkan brass band, specifically—and not the name of a high-energy, crazy-fun dance fete, though it might as well be. Brass band music is jubilant by nature, and the nine-man Slavic Soul Party! takes the jubilation up a notch with their often-manic mix of southeastern European marching rallies and indigenous folk songs repurposed as dance music. Listen closely and you’ll also hear the influence of modern pop, ska and dub reggae, jazz manouche, and klezmer.

The band hosted a weekly Tuesday show at Brooklyn’s Barbès for more than a decade; when the music is this much fun, it’s only right to share with the other boroughs. For this free, outdoor, family-friendly neighborhood concert, sponsored by Carnegie Hall, SSP will bring their unique sensibilities and powerhouse sound to Tompkins Square Park. Wear your best folk-dancing shoes (like dancing shoes, only folkier) and get ready to experience the kolo, a celebratory circle dance similar to the hora.

Why You Should Go: This will be way more fun than your nephew’s bar mitzvah.

Slavic Soul Party!
Tompkins Square Park
East 7th to East 10th Streets (between Avenues A and B), Alphabet City
Thursday, June 21
6 p.m.

Beer. Balkan brass. Borscht. What more could you want?