Leech Therapy? 6 Bizarre Spa Treatments We Actually Want to Try

New Yorkers are pretty good at keeping up with the latest trends, but these unconventional beauty treatments might take them by surprise.

Photo courtesy of NKD/Yelp

Looking for an unorthodox way to rejuvenate and stimulate your senses? Try these one-of-a-kind remedies; they may sound funky, but they feel oh-so-fresh!

Soak in Sake (Kanpai!)

Suffering from jet lag—or a wicked hangover? Head to the Greenwich Hotel’s Shibui Spa for its signature massage, the Drunken Lotus, which promises to alleviate the draining effects of a long flight or a night of overindulging. The remedying rub uses towels soaked in sake—meant to increase circulation, eliminate toxins, and moisturize—coupled with custom strokes to ease overworked muscles. Jojoba and cucumber seed further nourish the skin, while white lotus calms the mind and “opens the crown chakra.” 377 Greenwich Street (between Franklin and North Moore Streets), Tribeca

So many soothing shades of green! / Photo courtesy of Greenwich Hotel

Nap Inside a Neon Sign

The Infrared LED Light Therapy at NKD NYC is a safe and painless session that promises to give your body the boost it needs in just 20 minutes—through the power of light. Here’s how it works: A blend of infrared and near-infrared light penetrates the skin (it’s noninvasive, we promise!) at various depths in order to help invigorate and boost cell function, which reduces inflammation and speeds up wound and soft-tissue healing. The treatment has been shown to improve collagen production, decrease acne scarring, and enhance muscle performance. It’s like a Lite Brite for your body! 200 West 57th Street (between Seventh Avenue and Broadway), Midtown

The totally bearable lightness of light therapy. / Photo courtesy of NKD

Commune With Leech Slime 

The Organic Leech Facelift at Silesian Holistic Center utilizes one of the oldest medicinal methods known to man: hirudotherapy, or leech therapy, which dates back to ancient Greece, when it was used to treat everything from dental problems to infections to various skin ailments. At Silesian, a face mask containing only the natural enzymes produced by leeches is applied directly to the face, increasing blood flow and dissolving harsh impurities and bacteria without damaging the dermis. It may sound gross, but the resulting brighter, plumper, and overall more youthful complexion is anything but. 252 Java Street, Greenpoint

Channel Your Energy With Crystals and Mobius Coils

Reduced anxiety, better sleep, less pain, and increased energy are only some of the advertised benefits of Modern Sanctuary’s Sensory 7 Therapy, an immersive treatment that combines seven healing methods into one luxurious session. First, binaural beats emit sounds at two distinct frequencies to organize brain waves and balance the mind. The soothing notes are complemented by vibration therapy (applied by a pair of transducers built into your own chair), designed to realign the body. Seven Vogel–cut quartz crystals channel energy into the chakras, while chromotherapy uses colors to help alleviate various physical symptoms. And don’t forget about the mobius coils that are sending “quantum magnetic pulses” through your body. This place doesn’t take any chances when it comes cellular rejuvenation. Want to win this unique treatment? Learn how to enter our Fall Fridays giveaway here12 West 27th Street (between Sixth Avenue and Broadway), NoMad

Photo by Alexandra J. via Yelp

Relax in a Tub of Red, Red Wine (Cheers!) 

Oenophiles, rejoice! You can now sip your favorite glass of wine while soaking in a tubful of (nonalcoholic…sorry) red during the Wine Experience at AIRE Ancient Baths. Slip into a crimson-filled antique Venetian well brimming with antioxidants derived from the Tempranillo and Ribera del Duero grapes frequently used to make Spanish wine. Aside from the 30-minute dip (during which you’ll enjoy a 15-minute cranio-facial massage), the package includes access to the facility’s entire Ancient Thermal Bath circuit (which features sumptuous pools with different temperatures), the aromatherapeutic steam room, the Flotarium (saltwater bath), and an hour-long grape-seed oil massage. 88 Franklin Street (between Church Street and Broadway), Tribeca

What varietal is that, exactly? / Photo by Andrew Day/Courtesy of AIRE Ancient Baths

Blow Air on Your Face

For urbanites looking to reverse the harmful effects of city smog on their skin, the 60-minute Oxygen Infusion Facial at the Spa at the Dominick Hotel should do the trick. The spa’s “light as air” formula (because, well, it actually is air) sinks deep into pores and releases pure oxygen molecules into the epidermal layer, stimulating natural cellular function and eliminating toxins. 246 Spring Street (between Varick Street and Sixth Avenue), Greenwich Village

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