Immersive Art for the 99 Percent

SPRING/BREAK’s weeklong fair features dozens of site-specific works and immersive installations.

Installation by David Kramer

It can be hard to get a sense of an artist’s work just by looking at a single painting or sculpture. The organizers behind SPRING/BREAK Art Show’s “BKLYN IMMERSIVE” exhibition amend that problem by giving their 18 featured artists “plenty of space to play creatively,” according to What Should We Do’s Paddy Johnson.

As you meander through the 13,500-square-foot open-floor plan, you’ll encounter large spaces reimagined with large-scale installations, video works, and other pieces from some of the medium’s most visionary artists of the moment. Hefty, towering sculptures by Jason Peters made from discarded materials like old institutional chairs are bestriding, and you’ll likely be captivated by the boldly colorful work of digital mixed-media artist Anne Spalter, who uses custom software to transform real video footage into otherworldly abstract “landscapes.” Melissa Godoy Nieto is another artist who will have a room of her own; she creates mural installations that merge painting and textiles and are inspired by her Mexican heritage.

Photo by Samuel Morgan Photography

Johnson raves about the downtown Brooklyn initiative, saying, “The SPRING/BREAK art fair is the best in the whole city because it’s for art lovers of any sort; unlike most art fairs, it’s not just catering to the 1 percent. It’s refreshing and full of young, energetic contemporary artists who are just dying to talk to visitors.”

Why You Should Go: These immersive installations will introduce you to the next generation of young creatives. SPRING/BREAK provides no-cost space and support to emerging and mid-career artists, so you’ll likely see work that isn’t shown anywhere else. Many of the artworks are also adventurous conversation starters—an earlier edition of this fair featured a replica of a hair salon, in which the artist offered haircuts!

Photo by Samuel Morgan Photography

300 Flatbush Avenue Extension (between Willoughby and Fleet Streets), Downtown Brooklyn
Sunday, May 7–Sunday, May 14
Noon–7 p.m.

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