Your Kids’ Favorite New NYC Museum: Spyscape

Midtown’s high-tech spy museum will fascinate both snooping kids and history-loving adults.

From Harriet the Spy to James Bond, supersleuths have always been a source of major fascination for inquisitive kids. At midtown’s newest high-tech museum, Spyscape, young spies can spend an afternoon learning how to break codes, spot liars, work in surveillance, and dodge laser beams like they’re young Ethan Hunts.

The thrilling interactive adventure starts when your family first checks in and everyone is fitted with a wristband. You can then scan the band at the kiosks throughout the museum to take a series of quizzes—when you complete your mission, you’re assigned a special spy category based on your skills. There are immersive activities throughout, but the one your kids will want to return to again and again is the laser tunnels, where spies are challenged to race across a room in record time, smacking as many wall lights as possible while dodging a maze of laser beams.

While the kids are busy sleuthing, adults will want to read every caption in the fascinating exhibitions about Alan Turing’s WWII code-breaking Bombe machine, the history of the hacking collective Anonymous, and the ethics of surveillance complete with a replica of Edward Snowden’s famous “Snowbot.”

Why You Should Go: This smartly designed museum makes kids and adults feel like they’re starring in a real-life spy movie.

928 Eighth Avenue (between West 54th and 55th Streets), Hell’s Kitchen

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