Start Your Year Off Right With a New L.A. Workout

If it’s #FitnessGoals you’re after, have your heath and your fun, too.

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Boulders/Facebook

Even if you’ve resolved to hit your #FitnessGoals for real this time, a year-round commitment beginning in January can be intense. Why not start off with a bang and see how it goes from there? Los Angeles is full of gyms and studios and outdoor experiences to have your heath and your fun, too. Here are some ideas far beyond the beaten path to work out and start your year off with enthusiasm.

Electric Flight Crew
This self-proclaimed “fitness and social club” is run by a team of young, professional trainers who lured us in with their No Shower Happy Hour mashup workouts. A coach guides you through a warm-up and the workout of the day, which can be anything from a run to a circuit workout on the beach or in a park. You’ll finish dripping sweat but with a beer in hand. Wear your workout gear and bring a credit card for joining the Electric Flight Crew and grabbing a drink and food afterward.
Each week they meet at various bars throughout Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, the South Bay, and West Hollywood, for post-workout celebrations. Check the website for details.

Photo courtesy of Electric Flight Crew/Facebook

Classic Bicicletta
Put on your boxing gloves and lace up your biking shoes, Classic Bicicletta is two workouts in one as you punch and pedal your way to fitness with a combo of spinning and boxing. Kickboxing classes are available, as well, though if you’re there, might as well go for it all.
91 East Union Street, 2nd floor, Pasadena

Hollywood Boulders
Definitely for the athletic types, but newbies are welcome at this epic climbing emporium, with clearly marked tracks for everyone—from beginners to the more advanced.
1107 North Bronson Avenue

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Boulders/Facebook

Portuguese for one’s, er, “backside,” Bünda is the workout designed specifically for that. Where every day is butt day, Bünda builds a better one efficiently and consistently, which means you must commit to regular workouts—the more, the better. You’ll spend a lot of time on the StairMaster, and you’re encouraged to show up every day, since Tuesday and Thursday you take a break and focus on arms and abs.
8231 West 3rd Street, Suite C

Everybody Gym
The gym for literally every body—every type, shape, level of fitness—with an emphasis on queer and trans health, plus outrageous, feel-good classes with unique instructors who have a cult following across the city. Try a Hyperbody Rave aerobics class and dance with glow sticks in black light.
1845 North San Fernando Road

Photo courtesy of Everybody Gym/Facebook

Mansion Fitness
It’s all about you at Mansion Fitness, where each session fits you like a glove. The luxurious West Hollywood gym is for the discerning client who may be over group classes and the one-size-fits-all mentality. With all private sessions, all the time, you set the tone and goals, and your trainer creates your perfect workout.
8358 West Sunset Boulevard

Photo courtesy of Mansion Fitness

Lagree Fitness
Looking for a completely different way to exercise? Meet the Supraformer at Lagree Fitness, a patented shaking machine that works your core, endurance, and especially your balance. As you plank, crunch, or stretch, the class instructor tilts and moves the machine to work different parts of your body. You may find yourself sideways mid-sit-up, or inclined 90 degrees while doing leg lifts. Pro tip: Don’t be fooled by the amusement park–like look of the machine. This is an intense 25-minute workout.
375 North La Cienega Boulevard, #1

Photo courtesy of Lagree Fitness Studio/Facebook

The Wall
The Wall’s flagship studio in Los Angeles is everything you want—and fear—in innovative workouts for every part of the body, all in a gorgeous, green package. Jason Wimberly, personal trainer to the stars, gives his clients the tools “to break through and rise above, both physically and mentally.” With a variety of workouts available from spin to circuit training, there are plenty of walls to knock down. An LEED-certified studio, the Wall is a zero-waste facility with a filtered water station and a snack bar featuring Clover juices and menu items from Cafe Gratitude.
730 South La Brea Avenue

Sender One
Taking climbing to a whole new level, Sender One is an exercise spot teeming with challenges for the upwardly mobile. From mini mountains for the toddlers, moving towers for the sure-footed, and even a climb in the dark for the particularly adventurous, everyone who loves indoor rock climbing will have somewhere to go. If you’re more grounded, join a yoga or fitness class instead.
11220 Hindry Avenue

Photo courtesy of Sender One/Facebook