Family Fun

A Taste of Tech on Roosevelt Island

Bring your appetite for technology and treats to Sue’s Tech Kitchen, an educational and immersive STEM playground.

Yes, you CAN play with your food.

Want to have your tech and eat it, too? Sue’s Tech Kitchen, a 5,000-square-foot pop-up STEM lab, serves up interactive and edible fun for the whole family.

The brainchild of entrepreneur, author, and producer Randi Zuckerberg, the Kitchen marries two of her passions: getting the next generation—especially girls—interested in tech and bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas. (The national tour kicks off next year with stops in 10 cities.) “I was tired of being the only girl,” Zuckerberg says of her decade working in Silicon Valley. She wanted a creative, accessible approach to technology—who can’t get behind food?—and created Sue, the Kitchen’s smart and spunky head chef/coder/technician, as a role model for aspiring girls in the STEM fields.

So what’s cooking in the Kitchen? 3-D-printed food, for one thing. Watch the creation of a chocolate design on top of a graham cracker in a 3-D printer that resembles a microwave. Try the Liquid Nitrogen Bytes, too; after you bite into a frozen Cap’n Crunch pellet, nitrogen gas billows out of your nose (cue the cool photo op!). There’s an Edible Selfie station; coding with candy; tech-fueled “snack hacks”; and all kinds of futuristic and culinary-themed puzzles and games.

Sue's Tech Kitchen
Bet your friends haven’t eaten snacks made from a 3-D printer.

Arts and entertainment are also part of the mix, ranging from robotics demos to a VR-cade with a variety of immersive experiences, including one behind the scenes at the NBA. A rotating cast of science rappers, tech comedians, and Broadway performers will be taking the stage, as well.

If you’re curious about Sue’s Tech Kitchen but don’t want to jostle your way through a crowd of kids, special adults-only evenings—Sue’s Soirées—cater to tech-centric grown-ups with cocktails and surprise guests.

Why You Should Go: To get the kids off their gaming screens and see the real potential of technology—in a very palatable way.

Sue’s Tech Kitchen
The Bridge at Cornell Tech
11 East Loop Road, Roosevelt Island
Weekends from December 2 to January 1
$5; $45 for Sue’s Soirées (includes two drink tickets)

Don’t fill up too much on techie treats. We have a few ideas on how to start and end your day.