Summer Fun

19 Things to Do in NYC Before the Summer Ends

A sun-soaked, verdant, boozy bucket list.

Photo courtesy of Cecconi’s

Don’t panic. There are still plenty of ways—and plenty of days—to get in your last, sunny licks of summer.

1. Try some of the crazy cool ice cream flavors (think: poppy seed, matcha, sesame, and pickle) and concoctions (watermelon ice cream sandwiches, cones dipped in 24k gold) that have been all over your Instagram feed this summer.

2. Slurp some oysters and sip on champagne at Grand Banks, a gorgeous wood schooner docked on the Hudson River. 

Ahoy, oysters! / Photo by Alexander Pincus/Courtesy of Grand Banks

3. If you haven’t caught an outdoor movie yet, grab a blanket (and some booze in a thermos) and get to one of our favorite fresh-air films.

4. Play all day with the family at the revitalized waterfront Domino Park in Williamsburg, where an awesome playground, killer fountain, gourmet tacos, and Micheladas await.

Make a splash—and a bad joke! / Photo by Patty Onderko

5. Head to rock-rock-rock Rockaway Beach for some sun, surf, and the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, on view through September 3.

6. Take advantage of all the great NYC alfresco dining before you need to wear something heavier than a tank top. 

Yes, everyone who hangs here is this beautiful. / Photo courtesy of Studio Cafe at The Whitney

8. Blade in the shade at Riverbank State Park in Hamilton Heights, where the partially outdoor skating rink transforms into an in-line skating arena for the summer. The covering lets the cool breeze in while keeping the UV rays out.

9. Drink frosé on a rooftop. You know you want to.

10. Knock back some Coronas with lime after a few buckets of crabs—and a few rounds of cornhole—at Red Hook’s Brooklyn Crab

11. Listen to chamber music while swaying to the roll of the East River on a converted coffee barge at Fulton Ferry Landing. Get your land legs back at the nearby, and old-school, River Cafe

12. Enjoy wine, cheese, and viniculture history during a tour and tasting at Rooftop Reds, the world’s first urban vineyard.

Photo courtesy of Rooftop Reds/Facebook

13. Zip-line across the Bronx River.

14. Spend all day at an outdoor beer garden.

15. Canoe, kayak, or even Jet Ski around New York City. Island life!

Upstate life right here in NYC. / Photo courtesy of Manhattan Kayak

16. Get away from it all—just a step off an East Village sidewalk—at the East 6th Street Community Garden, one of our favorite pocket oases in the city.

Catch and throw some shade at 6BC Botanical Gardens. / Photo by Ally Schenker

17. Go have a picnic! Fill your basket with the best gourmet goodies near the prettiest parks in the city.

18. Tee off with the kids at the suburb-worthy, 18-hole mini golf course—complete with water features, sand traps, and a cave—at Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 in Tribeca.

19. Escape the city on a one-day vacay to the charming and bucolic town of Hudson, New York.

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