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Have a Spirited Day in Prospect Heights

The cards don’t lie!

Photo courtesy of Hungry Ghost Coffee/Facebook

Get in touch with what your soul really wants in this Brooklyn nabe. (Today, that means caffeine, bar food, and tarot classes.)

SIP: Spirited Coffee at Hungry Ghost

Order Stumptown Roaster’s espresso, which is high on quality and low on extra frills. 253 Flatbush Avenue

LEARN: Your Destiny With Mama Donna

Pay a visit to this urban shaman to get in touch with your inner wisdom—and maybe your future?!

tarot classes
Photo by Dani Costelo/Unsplash

EAT: Juicy Bar Bites at Rose’s

Let your tarot card results sink in while you sink your teeth into this bar’s wood-grilled, dry-aged burger. 295 Flatbush Avenue

tarot classes
Photo courtesy of Rose’s Brooklyn/Facebook

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