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The Best Coffee Shops to Get Back to Work

Photo courtesy of The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker/Facebook

There’s a coffee shop for everything in L.A. You can’t splash a latte on a map of this city without hitting an overwhelming amount of excellent cafés, yet not all of them are prime choices for spending a day trying to get some work done. Our experts have sorted through the many, many options, taking into account specialty and quality of bean and tea leaf, welcoming workspace with ample wifi, vibrance in decor, quiet yet stimulating energy, and overall excellence of environment, to find the most unique coffeehouses that are perfect for your laptop labor.

Photo courtesy of Eightfold Coffee/Facebook

What a treat it is to work in this spacious, open, beautiful little spot for coffee and fantastic, real-deal matcha. When you need some inspo, peruse the selection of independent art books and zines curated by Days.LA for some of the most consistently interesting reading this side of the Art Book Fair. There are limited baked goods, so don’t come too hungry. Also good for meetings. 1294 West Sunset Boulevard

Great ambience, a wide menu of solid options for beverages and food, tons of seating, and excellent vibes make all the Verve locations a freelancer favorite. Whether choosing an obscure single-origin espresso or a Nitro flash brew, rest assured it will arrive in your cup with the utmost care. Its commitment to ethics means it supports small farmers around the world on social, economic, and environmental levels—even working to combat climate change and preserve heirloom varieties from government and habitat encroachment. Verve is serious about its coffee craft and experience, and it shows all the way through to the decor, as each space is clean, bright, and classy.
500 Mateo Street
8051 West 3rd Street
8925 Melrose Avenue
833 South Spring Street

Document Coffee Bar
This light-filled art gallery, coffee shop, and prime laptop work spot in Koreatown serves up craft coffee from multiple roasters. Try the Document Cold—cold brew with milk, chicory, and a touch of maple. Bonus: There’s a large parking lot out back. 3850 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 107

Photo courtesy of Paramount Coffee Project

Originally an import from Sydney, this growing L.A. café—the long-and-lean location on Fairfax and its larger sexy sibling at Row DTLA—features excellent coffee and pulled espresso, teas hot and cold, plus daytime fare from overnight oats to avocado toast and roasted lamb sandwiches. The vibe is perfectly relaxed, airy, and conducive to long laptop sessions as needed.
456 North Fairfax Avenue
The Row, 1320 East 7th Street #100

Rubies and Diamonds
A refreshing departure from the manic Hollywood energy, the mellow vibes of this space wash over you the moment you walk in. The upscale, neutral decor includes wide, cushy lounge chairs to sink into and think—and don’t worry, the café hasn’t sacrificed substance for style. In fact, its beverage menu is highly specialized, incorporating techniques normally reserved for craft cocktails. Locals go loco for the coconut–sea salt cold brew and the rose vanilla latte. If those sound too far-out, friendly baristas will steer you in the right direction—even if only to choose the level of caffeine in your drip coffee. Perhaps best of all, there’s validated parking in back. 6115 West Sunset Boulevard

This cutting-edge hot spot is a haven for fourth-wave coffee geeks who come for pour-overs, espresso, and even some sophisticated seasonal drink specials. The minimal Culver City location is pretty small, so laptop real estate is at a bit of a premium, but the downtown outpost features large tables that provide ample space for laptop worker bees.
868 South Olive Street
6114 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

Photo courtesy of The Semi-Tropic

Is it a café? Is it a bar? No, it’s Semi-Tropic, sophisticated but informal, here to cater to the all-day needs of the flexibly scheduled. A luxurious laptop work spot—it’s usually filled with locals creating screenplays or spreadsheets—and cushy brunch hang by daylight elegantly morphs into an evening bar for snacking on marinated olives and deviled eggs over a glass of wine. 1412 Glendale Boulevard

Alfred West Hollywood
With an enormous selection of hot and iced drinks, full breakfast, baked goods of all dietary requirements, savory vegan delights, and bountiful seating indoor and out, this place always has a line and offers amazing people-watching. It’s right in the middle of prime luxury shopping, so you’ll see influencers of all stripes, the cutest dogs, the most stressed of the industry escapees, and the most fashion. All of this means it can be a bit on the hectic side, which is perfect when you want that extra boost of adrenaline to finish up on deadline. 8509 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood

Friends & Family
Healthy options and baked goods alike, this is another order-at-the-counter café with indoor seating. It has a great colorful macro bowl and olive oil–fried eggs served with insanely good yogurt and olive bread. Also, rumor has it F&F just started experimenting with dinner service—hours are in flux, so call ahead if you want to see whether seatings are available. 5150 Hollywood Boulevard

Photo courtesy of The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker/Facebook

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker
If you need to park it all day, BBCM will take you from morning to evening with a gourmet menu that covers breakfast to dinner, whether enjoyed on the sunny, olive tree–lined patio or inside the lofty, high-design café. 8653 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

Coffee Commissary
With locations scattered around Los Angeles, you’re never far from a perfectly pulled CC Gibraltar, smooth cold brew, or iced vanilla latte. Add in some flaky croissants or diabolically good chocolate chip cookies, and it’s easy to see why workers (all outposts seem within walking distance of a studio or production company) and residents flock to this local spot. Glendale and Burbank are full-blown cafés, with everything from breakfast burritos and biscuits to fried chicken sandwiches and kale Caesars.
6087 Sunset Boulevard
1402 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica
3121 West Olive Avenue, Burbank
801 North Fairfax
3417 Motor Avenue, Culver City
1419 West Kenneth Road, Glendale

Photo courtesy of 10 Speed Coffee/Facebook

10 Speed Coffee
In a scene rapidly removing wifi so that you’ll keep it social—or keep it moving—this spot is a haven for those who really want a beautiful space where you’re actually invited to sit down and get some quality work done. With beautifully designed communal tables and lounge-y seats, all near plenty of outlets, and a wide variety of strongly caffeinated beverages and juices, 10 Speed Coffee welcomes you to use the place as your personal base camp—a best bet in Santa Monica. Plus, a percentage of every purchase is set aside to put into the pursuit of cycling culture, through sponsorship of local riders, events, and national races. 1919 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica

You came here to work, not to make friends—but watch out, because you just might end up meeting a chatty screenwriter or creative professional at this deceptively minimal shop’s bustling communal table. Perennially full of Los Feliz’s finest, it has an upstairs lounge full of tables where all you’ll hear is keyboards clicking. But first, coffee—and what a mighty brew it is, a sworn favorite by insiders who know this place as one of the best in town. 1866 North Vermont Avenue

Toasted & Roasted
Featuring in-house roasting where they control the acidity of each bean, the wife-and-husband team behind small-batch artisan Toasted & Roasted go above and beyond—and then offer you the option of requesting the ratio of water to coffee in each elegant brew. Whether you choose a manual pour or the slow siphon method (or a handmade tea), grab a house-made waffle puff or a Farmshop pastry and get to work at one of their lounge-inspired booths. 7311 Melrose Avenue

Photo courtesy of Chitchat Coffee & Matcha/Facebook

Top-notch for its interior design, this stylish space at first glance feels more like a selfie installation than an actual place to get work done. But no—get your matcha (there’s coffee here, too, but you want the matcha, trust us, just skip all the additional flavors) and your croissant and have a seat in a forest green booth. And don’t totally zone out in work mode—there are all kinds of young creative meetings happening in this L.A.-meets-Tokyo-meets-Paris café that are fun to eavesdrop on for some inspiration. 1854 Sawtelle Boulevard

Found Coffee
A cheerful, modern coffee shop with specialty roasters and obscure tea blends in the mellow haven of Eagle Rock. The menu sidebar offers adventurous options, like yuzu cold brew and espresso tonic. There’s ample space for laptops, and study days actually fill up daily; arrive early. 1355 Colorado Boulevard