The Chicago River, the 606, and Tarot Cards Inspire June’s Essential Art Events

Dwellings/Photo courtesy of Roman Susan/Facebook

From tarot cards and a street art tour on the 606 to performance art inspired by the Chicago River, here are the art events not to miss this month in Chicago.

Photo courtesy of Stinkfish/Facebook

Raising Girls at Lithium
Your go-to gallery for time-based media art is hosting a collaborative performance between artist Cassandra Davis and Katinka Kleijn, a cellist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The 30-minute-long piece explores the gendering of women, reclamation of sacred feminine spaces, and ways to process trauma.
Details: June 7

“The Short Distance Between Lands. The Long Distance Between Ports” at Vertical Gallery
You might be familiar with the work of Stinkfish, a graffiti artist who has made his mark on streets in such cities as Paris, Vienna, and Bogotá, his hometown. He also has several pieces in Chicago, and it is in this city that he will be having his second U.S. solo show, where works will be on sale for you to take home.
Details: June 8

Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly at DfbrL8r
Unlike typical “bubbling creeks,” this branch of the Chicago River froths because of years of sewage dumped into it from meatpacking plants. This three-day event of live performances considers this concerning bit of neighborhood history, with works titled Cross-Contamination, DE-composition, and re.GENERATION.
Details: June 13

“The Führer and the Decorator: Hitler’s Home as Nazi Propaganda” at Graham Foundation
How does architecture communicate power? Author and architecture professor Despina Stratigakos spent years researching Hitler’s residence, examining the home renovations he ordered in the ’30s. At this talk, she discusses her publication on the subject, as well as the challenges of writing a book about Hitler’s interior decorator.
Details: June 20

“Tracking Space” / Photo courtesy of Bridgeport Art Center

“Tracking Space” at Bridgeport Art Center
Celebrate the opening of this solo show by Ruth Esserman, who envisions the cosmos in complex ink drawings. At 92, the artist is seemingly tireless—her works thrum with neat but busy lines, rendered in black, white, and red.
Details: June 21

“Soft” at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
If you love textiles and prints, this group show is a must for you. Through works like tufted rugs, screen-printed fabrics, and collages made of fur, this perfect-for-summer exhibition examines how production of these two creative genres overlap.
Details: June 22

Dwellings at Roman Susan
Four choreographers present solo works in this exciting two-hour program, which is envisioned as one unified collection. As its title suggests, each piece considers place and how an individual resides in that place; expect to see very different approaches from each participant.
Details: June 27

Photo courtesy of Atlas Obscura Society Chicago/Facebook

The Graffiti Garden at the 606
If you haven’t walked this elevated public trail yet, this is a fun and unique way to do it: Join Atlas Obscura on a 90-minute art walk and learn about different street artists. Your guide is Stephanie Garland, who was hired to curate this outdoor gallery and is herself a celebrated graffiti artist.
Details: June 29

Tarot Reader Meet-Up at DePaul Art Museum
Artists Kristen Kaniewski and Ethan Schleeter facilitate a discussion titled “Tarot Myths and Traditions” during this two-hour program that invites tarot enthusiasts to gather and share their personal rituals. Note that this is a BYOTD event—bring your own tarot deck.
Details: June 30