Think Inside the Box at This Upcoming Chamber Concert Series

Photo courtesy of Grittani Creative/Carol Fox and Associates

Contrary to the old saying, a new venue in the Loop invites musicians and audiences to think “inside the box” as they experience concerts. An upcoming concert series by NEXUS Chamber Music Chicago welcomes music fans to enjoy classical favorites in one of the city’s most unique venues.

Guarneri Hall is essentially a box inside of a box. The state-of-the-art space is acoustically engineered for sonic excellence to optimize the live music and studio recording experiences. Its suspended floor, hung ceilings, and double walls offer velocity air control and no parallel surfaces. Guarneri Hall is optimized for raw sound, including unfinished walnut wood that allows the pores to absorb any vibrations. If someone whispers in the space, you can hear it from across the room!

Brian Hong and Alexander Hersh / Photo by Lauren Desberg/Courtesy of Carol Fox and Associates

The intimate 60-seat venue will host the second annual NEXUS Chamber Music Chicago Festival in late August and early September. NEXUS is a collective of acclaimed young musicians committed to sparking interest in chamber music through immersive performances, social media, live-streaming, and showcasing emerging talent.

The four-concert festival will feature a range of renowned classics and rarely performed pieces performed by 12 award-winning musicians. Each concert is based on a different theme, including Call of the Birds and Nocturnal Awakenings. The ensemble includes two violin students from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, who have been invited to perform with their musical role models.

NEXUS was founded by cellist Alexander Hersh and violinist Brian Hong. Both still in their 20s, they aim to redefine the traditional formality of classical music performances with youthful energy and passion. Hersh and Hong hope to eliminate the barrier between the audience and performers, making classical music accessible to new audiences. Concerts at Guarneri Hall will be live-streamed on the Guarneri Hall website for free.

The NEXUS Chamber Music Chicago Festival will be held at Guarneri Hall on August 28, August 30, and September 4, and at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts’ Ganz Hall on September 6. The full festival schedule is available on the Guarneri Hall website.

Photo courtesy of Grittani Creative/Carol Fox and Associates

Guarneri Hall
11 East Adams Street, Suite 350A
Wednesday, August 28; 6:30–8:30 p.m.
Friday, August 30; 6:30–8:30 p.m.
Wednesday, September 4; 6:30–8:30 p.m.
$10 –$40

Ganz Hall
430 South Michigan Avenue
Friday, September 6; 6:30–8:30 p.m.