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A (Healthy) New York State of Mind

Health and wellness expert Lauren Lipton is ready to feed her mind, body, and soul this month.

Photo courtesy of Physique57

Whether it’s sweating your face off at an intense boot camp, lacing up those kicks to fight hunger, or “escaping” to Chelsea for a weeklong meditation retreat, there’s no shortage of activities to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape in August and September. Our trusted wellness expert, Lauren Lipton—acclaimed author, fitness guru, seasoned yogi—rounds up the the healthiest end-of-summer happenings.

The Museum Workout, August 10–13 and September 28–30
I have a theory about why certain types of workouts, like hot power yoga or SoulCycle, are so popular: They do several things at once. You get your cardio and strength training done while simultaneously meditating and listening to music. By the end of the hour, you’ve checked off several boxes on the day’s to-do list. The Museum Workout is a similar idea with a unique twist. Set to danceable music before opening hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this routine, choreographed by Monica Bill Barnes & Company, will get you sweaty while interacting with art in an entirely new way. By the end of the 45-minute session, you’ll have traveled two miles, participated in strength training, and soaked up some culture—all before the beginning of your workday.

Photo courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sweat Fest NYC 2017, August 18
You could probably participate in a sweat-fest just by standing outside for a few minutes in the typical summer heat. For those who wish to earn their perspiration, though, this health-driven music festival, in its second year, includes dance and fitness classes, facial and nail services, boot camps, and nutrition workshops—all in a festive atmosphere. The aim is to showcase the best of wellness—life coaching, holistic healing, and so on. You’ll need to register, but the event is free. Registered participants will also score swag from such sponsors as Reebok and Grae Therapy.

Urban Retreat: Seven Days of Mindfulness Meditation, August 18–25
I’ve often fantasized about attending a meditation retreat, and this one couldn’t be more convenient. It’s not in a monastery up on a mountaintop somewhere, but in the heart of Manhattan at one of the most beloved old-school meditation centers in the U.S. (yes, there’s a Buddhist connection, but you’re welcome to participate no matter your religion or lack thereof.) Acharya Dan Hessey and guest instructors will guide you through a spiritual day camp of sorts, including several meditations, yoga, inspirational talks, and contemplative meals. If you’re not up for the full seven days, you can join for a weekend or any one day you choose.

Art & Yoga Urban Retreat, September 16
A yoga retreat is a wonderful way to expand your practice and clear your head; there’s nothing better than pulling yourself out of daily life for a while to learn new things from new teachers. The trouble is that you usually have to travel somewhere to do all that. This daylong retreat at the Rubin Museum includes all of the elements without the jet lag. World-class instructors Alan Finger and Sarah Platt-Finger will guide you through asana; noted photographer Robert Sturman will be on hand to lead an in-depth workshop; and MC Yogi will provide the soundtrack.

Photo courtesy of Filip Wolak

Run 10 Feed 10, September 17
Charity road races are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean you should discount them. I’m considering kicking off the NYC running season with this Women’s Health–sponsored 10K, not just because the proceeds go to a worthy cause, but also because it starts at a unique location—Pier 84. A huge plus: The race takes place in mid-September and early in the morning, which means cooler temperatures.

Ready to lace up your kicks and focus on your wellness? Our experience advisers will find the meditation retreat, 5K, and workout most suitable for your lifestyle.