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New Tricks: Live It Up Like the Celebrity Dogs of Instagram

From uptown to down, a perfect day designed by some of our fave four-legged friends.

Photo by Matt Nelson/Unsplash

They are cute, have more followers than any of us, always live their best lives, and they are cute (so cute we have to say it twice). But don’t let these insanely cuddly creatures have all the fun—do what they do for the below plan and we guarantee you’ll be howling with delight.

DO: Stroll Like Walter Through Central Park

Sure, it’s no secret that this 842-acre paradise is a must-visit in the city. But the green space is so sprawling, there are surely things in the park you haven’t done or seen. Now’s the time to sniff them out!

EAT: Slurp Oysters Like Tinkerbelle at Grand Banks

The wood schooner with a view, known as Sherman Zwicker, is docked off Pier 25. It’s there that you can suck down superfresh shellfish while gulping nautically inspired cocktails that pair perfectly with sun kisses and the river-delivered breeze. Woof!  Pier 25, Hudson River Park

DRINK: Kick It With a Bevvy Like Kenzie at Boucherie

Next, trot into the West Village and pray for an outdoor table for optimal people-watching at the beloved French brasserie and steakhouse Boucherie. But don’t worry—the inside is supernice, too, and at the bar on weekday afternoons you and your furry friend can sample classic cocktails and tuck into specials like grilled octopus and paprika-marinated beef skewers. 99 Seventh Avenue South (between Grove and Barrow Streets)

DO: Lounge Like Stella on the High Line

You’ll want to walk off all that rich food and drink and, happily, the city’s best elevated park and path is not far away. If you packed a beach chair or towel, find a spot to chill. If not, any bench will do. Linger here until the sun sets over the Hudson for a romantic end to the day. Gansevoort Street to 34th Street on Manhattan’s West Side

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