WSWD’s Secret Culinary Insider

Let our all-knowing expert lead you to the best restaurants and bars in NYC.

Photo by Stephanie Diani

The WSWD Secret Culinary Insider (SCI) cooks like Julia Child and writes like M.F.K. Fisher. If you’re into food, you’ve read SCI’s articles in all the leading food magazines and a Pulitzer Prize–winning newspaper or two, and you’ve probably scanned a cookbook she cowrote. A 20-year veteran of the food reporting business, she not only follows the culinary trends, she often creates them. If you frequent new restaurants from the most interesting new chefs or bars from the latest mixologists, you’ve probably been in the same joint at the same time with the elusive SCI. The showily sophisticated Italian from New York’s prodigal chef? The champagne bar in the West Village where the food and bubbly are equally effervescent? Yeah, SCI knows everything about them, exactly what to order and why, who the chefs trained with, and what they like to eat and drink when they’re off-duty. Because when it comes to great food and the people who make it—from chefs, sommeliers, and winemakers to farmers, fishermen, and fromagers—SCI knows all.

Not sure where to find your next culinary revelation? All you have to do is ask us.