Consider Your Week Planned: March 15–21

Monday, March 15, 2021
You might have lost an hour over the weekend, but you're gaining many more memories with these NYC experiences!
Monday, March 15
The Friends Experience will be there for you (again!) in New York City. Grab tickets while you can, because they'll sell out faster than Ross can yell, "We were on a break!"
Photo courtesy of The Friends Experience
Tuesday, March 16
In honor of Women's History Month, we're raising a glass to all of the hardworking and magical ladies we know during this Sip and Slay Mixology Experience.
Photo courtesy of Open Bar Hospitality/Facebook
Wednesday, March 17
Keep the cocktails flowing with everyone's favorite breakfast tipple (hey, we're not judging), with a little help from this Bloody Mary Festival Home Kit.
weekly events NYC March 15–21 2021 Photo courtesy of the Bloody Mary Festival
Thursday, March 18
Learn just how much our brains can actually do—even without caffeine assistance—during science educator Rosemary Puckett's program, The Scientist Is In: Our Wonderful Brain.
weekly events NYC March 15–21 2021 Photo by D. Finnin/Courtesy of AMNH
Friday, March 19
Can you think of a better way to end your workweek than with a box of bee pollen Honey Buns and cinnamon-sugar Angel doughnuts delivered fresh to your door?
Saturday, March 20
We know you've been seeing new-media artist Jen Lewin's multisensory installation and experience, Reflect, all over Instagram. So why not go to Domino Park to view for yourself?
weekly events NYC March 15–21 2021 Reflect at Domino Park, Brooklyn, March 2021, by Jen Lewin. Drone footage by Demian Neufeld, Ryders Alley Media, and Matt Emmi. Edited by Joshua Pullar. Artwork © 2021 Jen Lewin.
Sunday, March 21
Dream of a pizza pie long enough to cover your entire table? Time to wake up and run over to Biga Bite for some extra-special ’za that tastes as good as it looks.

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