Swim with the Fishes

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Dive underwater at the Brooklyn Museum's latest exhibit, "My Room Is Another Fish Bowl." French artist Philippe Parreno will fill the airy entrance atrium with 150 Mylar fish balloons, inflated with varying degrees of helium so they float at different heights throughout the space. Depending on the human movement—a little girl dancing and spinning in the center of the lofty room, say—and the weather, the fish will "swim" in constantly changing currents, making the audience just as much a part of the exhibit as the aquatic creatures. Best part:  This mesmerizing spectacle is free. You can sit in the glass pavilion/fishbowl and watch the balloons go by before you check out the museum's permanent collection—or head next door to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see the real-life koi fish at its Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden. Details: "My Room Is Another Fish Bowl" Brooklyn Museum 200 Eastern Pkwy at Washington Ave, Brooklyn Free Make a full day of it with our custom itinerary: [itinerary id=8011]