We’re here to help you find the amazing, wherever you are!

The ABC's

A. Sign Up

Play our quick onboarding game by swiping right on what you love and left on what you don’t.

B. Match

We will match you with a bunch of personalized EATs, DRINKs or DOs, based on your mood as well as what you’ve told us about yourselves. The more you use the app, the better your matches will become.

C. Choose

You select the places, favorite them and create a plan. Then, text the plans to your friends, add some fun drawings and…...

D. Get Out

Get back out there, hang out with friends, try new places, see new shows, meet new people and HAVE FUN!

Our Mission

What Should We Do was created to make arts and culture accessible to all. Instead of spending time searching through pages and pages of listings, from numerous sources, of what to EAT, where to DRINK and what to DO, we simplify and personalize the process. A user can now explore options based only on their specific needs and wants, all in one place and in a much shorter amount of time.

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All of our recommendations of what to EAT, where to DRINK, and how to DO are always personalized just for you.


We don’t benefit from selling your personal information to other companies, so we won’t do it.

Love our Members

We are membership based and exist to make you happy. We don’t partner or advertise with any of our recommendations.

Best of the Best

Our database is highly curated with only the things that we love.